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To Lure a Lord

She must find a husband to please her grandfather … or her grandfather will choose one without caring if the man pleases her.

The London season is a ticking clock for Augusta Eastleigh. With her mother’s help, she has a marriage prospect she hopes will satisfy her grandfather, the Earl of Forebridge. But Lord Blair MacDonald, recently returned to London, does not look kindly on her efforts to snare his friend. Nor does he hesitate to make his views known about Augusta and the rumors surrounding her birth.

Blair has more than one reason to dislike the girl. With his older brother Hamish critically wounded while fighting on the Peninsula, and his eldest brother refusing to marry, the Marquess of Rutherglen has decided his third son will be the one to carry on the family line. Which means he needs to marry. Now. The girl his father has chosen for Blair? None other than Augusta Eastleigh.

The situation pleases neither of them. But with the heads of the families set on the match, can they find common ground together, or will they face an unhappy future?

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Romance, Comics, and History

There was no rhyme or reason to the family reading patterns. We’d dive into whatever caught our fancy. My habits haven’t changed over the years, and since I married a man who has his own love of history, science fiction and comic books, there’s no been pressure to do otherwise.

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Praise For The Accidental Viscountess

"The characters are complex and authentic with depth and traits that blend and flow, transforming into genuine relatable personalities.”
-Amazon Reviewer

"There is a feud, parental meddling, and even a bit of politics…Read it. You will be glad you did.”
-Goodreads Reviewer

"Oh what a tangled web and such fun to read. Politics play a part in the tale and all is not well. This was a well-scripted piece.”
-Amazon Reviewer

About the Author

As a child, Caro Kinkead was told Dr. Seuss’ job was “writing books,” and decided she wanted to do that when she grew up – along with being a ballerina and an archeologist and about a dozen other things. A fear of snakes signaled the end of her ambition to find the next Tutankamon’s tomb, the dancing (and acting) didn’t quite pan out, but the love of writing remained, allowing her to enjoy those varied careers and more in her imagination. Read more …