Quick Look: “Scandal” by Amanda Quick

Unless I intended to write an essay, there doesn’t seem to be tremendous point in doing a serious review of a book first published in 1991. Suffice to say I found it entertaining and Emily, our heroine neatly walked a tightrope between being interesting and just Too Stupid to Live. Once Quick revealed the reason for Emily’s retreat into the metaphysical and philosophical, her behavior made perfect sense. Unlike Money, Honey, where the tease about the back story went on just a little too long for my liking, my interest was held until the reveal.

Oh, there were things I think could have been improved, but seeing how relatively tame the bedroom scenes are compared to many books released now and remembering that this was hot and steamy almost twenty years ago, I think you also have to take into account how much the market had changed. Final verdict: enjoyable, but didn’t put me in the mood to go racing for the very old part of her backlist.