And All My Sins Remembered…

So the husband and I exhausted ourselves at Disneyland yesterday, and when the park closed at six (they were doing a private party in the evening, so early closing), we headed over to California Adventure, which was open until nine. Our goal was to hit Soarin’ Over California, which is easily the best ride in the park, simulating the experience of sailing over the incredible landscapes in our state.

First, however, we had to pass the stage that sits at the end of Sunshine Plaza, which usually seems to have folks doing stuff from High School Musical, which means we hurry on past. Last night, though, the big screen above the stage started showing clips from Tron. Figuring it was a preview for the new film being released this month, we decided to stay for a while. That is, until the music started pumping and the dancers showed up.

Yes, Disney has a dance show to promote Tron. With girls in denim jackets with shoulder pads, tight jeans and bad 80’s perms.

Needless to say, we hurried on toward Soarin’. While waiting in line, the husband couldn’t help saying, “Okay, putting aside the fact it’s a dance show for Tron, if they were going to do 80’s fashions, why did they do the ugly ones?”

I replied, “There were good fashions in the ’80s?”

He conceded I had a point and we continued waiting. Then, because one shouldn’t keep secrets from one’s spouse, I had to confess, “I had a perm once. Back when the movie came out. And I wore shoulder pads with my t-shirts.”

He said that after 13 years of marriage, he hadn’t thought anything I said could shock him — but he couldn’t picture me in a perm. Boy, am I glad none of those pictures are digital and we didn’t have Facebook back then!

Any fashion skeletons lurking in your closet?