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The question posed this week is “If you could renovate one room in your house, which one would it be and why?”

So, so many choices. But if I had to pick one, it’d be what used to be known as “the family room” when my husband was growing up and I now refer to as the media room.

When I was a little girl, most of my friends wanted a pony. I wanted a screening room. The idea of being able to sit in my home and watch a film whenever I wanted was my idea of heaven. Especially because I knew any set up would include comfy spaces where I could curl up to read. At least, this was the story sold me by the films I saw on the Million Dollar Movie, which ran every afternoon after school. Not surprisingly, this was as realistic a childhood dream as everyone else’s pony.

Skip forward ::mumblemumble:: years, and how we consume media has changed from rabbit ears and three networks. I have my screening room now. Kinda. We’ve got a 65-inch 4K television which is the perfect size for the room, and a sound bar with a good subwoofer. None of this is high-end equipment, but still good enough that Lawrence of Arabia  and Lord of the Rings look and sound impressive. We’re subscribed to multiple streaming services, so I have a huge library of films at my fingertips.

Doesn’t mean there isn’t room for improvement. If I could, I’d happily ditch our old couch for theater style loungers. You can buy them in sofa and loveseat style, including the option to lower a tray in the center to hold snacks, or leave it up if you want to cuddle or you’re having guests. I’ve never liked the lighting, so this would be an excuse to change to something which provided more light when we need it, but also could be easily dimmed from our seats.

The ’70s-era wood paneling along one wall would have to go (another thing I’ve been yearning to do), holes patched and the room painted with shades of blue or pale green to help prevent reflection. Blackout shades for the sliding glass door. A large storage unit along one wall so we could easily access all of our DVDs, and a bookcase beneath the TV to hold equipment and, well, books, as well as a spot for the cats to lie on top. We have that already, but a nicer one wouldn’t be unwanted. 

Last is the sound. A friend who does this professionally has offered casual advice on the size of the system we need for the room (not large), and offered to come play ears while I haul speakers around. The quality will never be Dolby ATMOS™, but we can make it the best for the space. 

As I was writing this, I went down the list with my husband. For the lighting and walls, his response was, “You’re already planning to do that.” When I mentioned the theater seating, I got one of “those” looks. Funny how it disappeared once I showed him some of the websites. Get him a comfy chair and I think I can sneak the sound system past him.

None of this will ever replace the experience of watching a film for the first time in a darkened auditorium with other people. But perfect for the evenings when I want to relax and say, “What should we watch? Winter Soldier or Singin’ in the Rain?” 

Given a choice, what room would you like to renovate? Let me know in the comments, then visit Jenna Da Sie to learn her renovation dreams.

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy.

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