Big, Fat Zero

Romance Writer Weekly

This week for Romance Writers Weekly, we’re playing a game—Never Have I Ever (Book Edition). When in school, I despised playing this game because I all too often ended having a high score, making me a target for the resident mean girls. However, I think most of us will score fairly low. Give yourself one point for anything you haven’t done.

Dropped a book on my face while reading. Hardback, paperback, and iPad. A danger of lying on your back while reading. I’ve dropped my phone as well, but it hit my chest, so that doesn’t count.

Missed a meal to finish reading. At least a couple of times, though only after I was an adult and living on my own. It’s light when you start and by the time you emerge from your book coma, you realize not only is it dark, you’ve stayed up past your bedtime. #Baddecisionsbookclub

Hated a character. Yes, though not usually because they were nasty or evil. “Why are they taking up space? Why can’t we get back to the story?” If they meet a horrible fate, I’m often gleeful, even if I’m not supposed to be. They’re gone and I don’t need to bother with them.

Smelled a new book. More often if it comes via the mail. I do, however, stop just inside bookstores and librarys to take a deep breath and get a whiff of of that bookish smell.

Took a selfie with an author. Yes, though most of them are friends.

Listened to an audio book. I have listened to a few in my time, though I don’t gravitate to them. I’m more likely to listen to business-related books on audio because those show up on Scribd in audio quicker than the ebook version.

Dreamed of a book boyfriend. Yes. I’ll take the fifth on the rest.

Said the book was better. I usually say the book is different because books and films are two different forms of art. But Dune by Frank Herbert was much better than the 1984 film. And I don’t like the book.

Cried while reading. Many, many times, starting with Charlotte’s Web when I was a child. 

DNF’d a book. Another habit I started early, because even . There was a well-known children’s series I was pressured into trying by the librarian at my elementary school. Took it home, read a quarter that night, returned it the next day. That prompted a parent conference because the librarian accused me of not having actually read a quarter of the book in one evening and I objected to being called a liar.

Took a book to a doctor’s appointment. Yes. I have also sat in the treatment room reading. My mom discovered if I had to have shots or blood drawn for tests, better to let me have a book in hand and focus on that.

Tapped the page of a paper book to make it turn. :: sigh :: Yes. Most of my reading is digital these days, and I’ve caught myself doing that a few times when I’m reading a physical book.

Met a book model. Yes. Mostly at writer events, but also once in a very long line at the post office around Christmas. (I live in LA; meeting actors, etc. is not uncommon. What was strange was turning around in church one Easter morning and finding myself exchanging the peace with the actor who played Agent Ron Butterfield on The West Wing.)

Travelled to a book event. I’ve attend conferences where there is a book signing the night before conference starts. I’ve arranged flights so I’m there for the signing (and I wasn’t signing).

Gone to a book signing. Numerous times. I treasure my signed copies, especially if there is a special inscription. 

Joined a book club. I’m in one now for a knitting club I’m part of.

Laughed out loud while reading. Often enough my husband asks, “Will I find it funny?”

Cover for Stay With MeRead under the cover as a child. Oh, yes, though my sister often told on me. I kept the habit up at summer camp. That one wasn’t necessarily a good idea as I was reading Dracula. In a tent with open sides. In the woods. With dying flashlight batteries. Had a screaming nightmare which brought the counsellor’s running. No, they didn’t believe my mom was the one who packed the book in my suitcase.

As you can see, my score for this is a big, fat zero. I’ll take that to mean I have had a well-rounded book experience, something I plan to continue in the future. How about you? How did you score. Let me know in the comments, then 

That’s it for me. If you missed Brenda Margriet’s history, check here, then hop on over to see what Leslie Hachtel’s score is. Don’t forget to check out Leslie’s Stay With Me, with two women separated by centuries but connected by similar paths.

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy.