Bits and Bobs

11-26-06tree6_eyesthatslayI have two longer posts that I need to finish up, but I’m trying to post every few days and since it’s been, oh, five, I thought I’d do a brief list of what’s happening.

I have solved my yarn problem. Out of the few stashes that actually had the skein I need, one was for sale and I’ve sent money via Paypal and it’s supposed to be on its way. Once that arrives, I’ll wind it the same night and get moving on finishing that last repeat.

Our car is still in the shop. It was almost done Tuesday, but our mechanic realized there was still one tiny leak in the valve, so he needs to fix it before that’s done. ::sigh::

Work has been insane, which it always is at this time of the year. I work a day job where we have a huge uptick in activity surrounding year end, so I’m working more than my usual 40. Yes, there is a light at the end of the tunnel; unfortunately, it’s quite possibly a hand-car filled with rabid ferrets.

My father-in-law will be staying with us for Christmas. This was not expected and is causing a serious rearrangement of our Christmas plans, such as they were.

In the frustration of work, no car, and relatives, I have cast on five projects. Don’t ask. When I come to my senses, I imagine most of them will be frogged and the yarn quietly tucked away back into the stash.

I should actually have writing-related news to share soon, which is exciting.
That’s it for now. Off to work and our groups annual holiday lunch. Here’s to a good and (relatively) stress-free day for everyone.