The Accidental Viscountess

Dorothea Hinley intends to enjoy the London season, even if only from the sidelines. But when the revival of an old feud threatens her cousin’s launch into society, she tries to manage the damage. With the family fodder for the gossips, she turns to the one person she hopes can help: Viscount Abernathy, the son of her aunt’s rival.

Martin doesn’t give a fig for the marriage mart. His worry is how his mother’s refusal to release old grudges threatens to make the family a mockery. Joining forces with Dorothea seems a rational solution.

Soon, partnership becomes more, and they find themselves caught in a scene which could ruin the reputation of both families. The only solution? A quick marriage.

Tensions still simmer beneath the surface, and they find themselves caught between parties unhappy with this new bond. Can Dorothea and Martin build a life together or will old grudges cause new scandals to devastate them?

With the Accidental Viscountess, readers can enjoy a charming marriage of convenience Regency Romance.

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