Cover for The Regent's Menagerie, Volume I. Pink cover with illustrated animal figures and a listing of all authors.

The Regent’s Menagerie: Volume 1

The Prince Regent is in one of his moods. The growing menagerie of unusual and bizarre animals from around the world is eating into his finances. That’s money he could spend on a new waistcoat!

His head animal keeper, Sir Anthony Hoult, hatches a plan to gift some of the animals to friends and foes alike. After all, a problem shared is a problem halved!

The result is an array of adventures – and delightfully sweet affairs of the heart – across Regency-era Britain. You’ll be delighted with these amusing animal adventures and delightfully sweet romantic comedy novellas.

Duty and Desire

Winston Framingham, the 5th Earl of Cheswick, finds himself caught in a nettlesome betrothal to Felicity Armsdale, a pact sealed by their fathers. Yet, his heart rebels, ensnared by the vivacious spirit of Charlotte, Felicity’s younger sister. Despite his yearning to break free to pursue his true desire, Winston’s plans are thwarted by an unexpected gift from the Prince Regent: a pair of capybaras whose peculiar needs disrupt the estate’s balance and his own pursuits of love.

Charlotte Armsdale harbors a secret love for Winston, veiling her feelings beneath a facade of sisterly duty. As the day looms when Winston might finally surrender to the inevitable and set a wedding date, Charlotte’s heart teeters on the brink of despair. However, Felicity’s ambition to remodel the estate’s water garden to exclude the capybaras unexpectedly forces Charlotte and Winston into an alliance. Amidst their joint efforts, Charlotte discovers glimmers of hope that her affections might not be one-sided.

Charlotte and Winston find their attraction intensifying amidst the backdrop of royal eccentricities and familial expectations. But as they navigate the treacherous waters of duty and desire, they must decide if their love can transcend the obligations of their station and the shadows of potential scandal. “Duty and Desire” entwines passion with duty, asking whether true love can triumph over tradition, or if the weight of legacy and unexpected responsibilities will doom Winston and Charlotte’s chance at happiness.

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