To Lure a Lord

Augusta Eastleigh finds herself in a race against time before she’s swept into an arranged marriage. Could the man trying to hinder her efforts be the unexpected answer to her heartfelt prayers?

During the London season, Augusta has her eyes set on a potential match she hopes will appease her stern grandfather. There is one problem: Lord Blair MacDonald is determined to thwart her attempt to capture his friend’s heart. Nor does he hesitate to make it clear what he thinks of the scandalous rumors surrounding her birth.

Blair has his own issues. His eldest brother refuses to marry and his other brother lies gravely injured from a war wound. His father declares Blair must carry on the family title and, to help matters along, has chosen a bride: Augusta Eastleigh.

Neither Augusta nor Blair welcome this arrangement. With the heads of their respective families united in their decision, they must navigate uncharted waters together. Will their shared fate lead them down a path of unhappiness? Or will they discover a love which defies all odds?

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