Pink background, a plate of small pink cakes is in the foreground, with a pink rose next to it. The text reads "Will You...?" and notes the author as Caro Kinkead

Will You…?

A proposal. A recommitment. A new beginning. Valentine’s Day is more than roses and a box of chocolates.

Celebrate the day with three couples who find their plans don’t go quite as anticipated.

Crossed Signals
The idea sounded great: a Valentine’s getaway at the Watermill Inn, a place Lauren Westomore and David Randall adore. But while David’s got a question he wants to ask Lauren, she’s got news of her own — and the evening doesn’t go the way either of them planned.

The plan was simple. Owen Barton would sweep his wife Miranda away for Valentine’s Day, treat her to a fabulous dinner, then surprise her with his plans to step back from the company and let their son begin to take over. But things aren’t as settled as he hoped when he learns long-running disagreements have turned into cracks that could break their marriage.

New Beginnings
Sabrina Tyner is starting a new life for herself and the town of Henry’s Mills seems the perfect destination. But leaving her old life behind isn’t as easy as she had hoped, especially when ghosts from her past seem intent on disrupting a quiet dinner on her own. Diner owner Josh Nolan is surprised when she asks for his help, but is it just a favor — or the start of something more?

Welcome to the town of Henry’s Mills, where life moves at a different pace from the hustle and bustle of the city. Here, the residents enjoy festivals and traditions that are the heart-blood of the community and hold out a hand of welcome to those weary souls seeking a respite from the troubles they wish to escape. At least, that’s what the brochure says.

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