But What If I Don’t Want to Be an Adult?

We’re buying a new car. Well, new for us. That’s the event that I alluded to earlier in the week. Realizing that our car had reached a point where it really isn’t financially viable to keep it running, we made the decision to be good adults and use the tax refund and my annual bonus from work to buy a good used car. Something sensible, solid and dependable that would get us good gas mileage and serve us well for many years. In fact, we’re going to visit some used car lots today and take a look at things. Sadly, the decision to buy a car means we had to cancel plans to visit London later this year, something we were looking forward to. I’ve been twice, but the husband’s never had the chance.

Now, we have a car we are considering making an offer on — today’s excursion is all part of being adult and making certain we’re making the right decision, not letting ourselves be seduced. We were fine and at peace with our decision — until I got up this morning and discovered that David Tennant and Catherine Tate will be doing Much Ado About Nothing in London this summer. Two actors I adore (I was lucky enough to see Tennant do Hamlet in a play both the husband and I love. And we’re buying a car.

Yes, I’m still being an adult, but aren’t there moments when you just wish you didn’t have to be?

All felt wonderful and