A New Dawn

I’m up early, trying to follow one of my New Year’s traditions: putting in some work on my next book. It’s a chance to start as I mean to go on. The only light on is my desk lamp and the monitor screen. The sun is coming up, but there will be peace for a while longer. Even the cats haven’t started to demand food. Yet. That will probably come soon. In the quiet, there is an air of expectation, of something waiting to start with the promise of a new day.

It’s Here

Yes, I know it looks like just a box. But that box contains my new desk for my new office space. It arrived yesterday afternoon, just as I was about to start fixing lunch. The guys from Amazon very helpfully carried into the room where it'll be living, scanned the tag...

Early Morning Sights

One of the joys of not having to go into the office is I can linger on my walk and enjoy the sights of a world that’s not quite awake. As we approach summer, the days are getting longer, though, so I’m seeing less of that lovely golden early morning light. I figure...
One Week On

One Week On

I’m a week into my new routine. I get up reasonably early and go for a walk. Coming home, I feed the cats and do my journal. That takes half an hour to forty-five minutes, letting me focus on my goals for the day while the house is still quiet. Well, except for this...

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On March 28, 2019, I thought I was having a re-scheduled one-on-one with my boss. Instead, it was notification I, along with several other people in my location, were being laid off. My last day of work is this Friday, April 26, 2019. Given a certain movie opening the...

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