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On March 28, 2019, I thought I was having a re-scheduled one-on-one with my boss. Instead, it was notification I, along with several other people in my location, were being laid off. My last day of work is this Friday, April 26, 2019.

Given a certain movie opening the same day, I’ve jokingly said, “I’m in the endgame now.”

I knew this was coming, given the enthusiasm the higher-ups have exhibited for moving my section to another city bit by excruciating bit. I had made plans, considered contingencies, all ready for execution when required. Still, receiving the news felt like a kick in the teeth, especially as it hit a few months earlier than I hoped. Taking the rest of the day off, my husband and I both had the same reaction: time to put things in motion.

I’m blessed and privileged. I can take the six months my severance package runs and use that time to focus on the writing. I’ve pulled out old manuscripts, things that put aside not because they weren’t working, but because the traditional Regency romance market tanked. They need rewriting, but it’s not starting from complete scratch. 

When the six months ends, I’ll see where I stand. I’ve got irons in the fire, potential consulting gigs to keep the money flowing. Time for that will come in October; I’ve got the date marked on my calendar. Right now, I’m getting ready to hit the ground running. 

I’m beginning a new chapter in my life, and that’s what this blog will be about for a while. You’re welcome to come along and see what we discover.