Fruit - Photo by Christer Barregren/Flickr (Creative Commons)
Photo by Christer Barregren/Flickr (Creative Commons)
I came back from the RWA conference in Anaheim with a much needed jolt to the creative batteries and my usual need to make lists. (I also over-indulged a little at Paper Source, but that’s another story.)

I always always make lists after conference; I’m fired up and I’m going to change my writing! And my life! And the world! The last one’s a joke, but my husband has looked a bit sideways at my ambition more than once after these things. I will say that as of this morning, I’ve written 16,414 words for August, so clearly the post conference surge hasn’t completely worn off yet.

Change is good because it’s a sign of life. Recognizing there are things you need to differently and you are going to take those steps (or at least try) is a positive. Sometimes it’s big changes, such as what the ladies at Reinventing Fabulous are going through. Sometimes it’s small ones.

One small change is that I’m having yogurt in the morning, which helps get things off to a good start and is not fried. I’d been buying it at the cafeteria in my building, but I got tired of not knowing if it was going to be there until I walked in and the price. Oh, yeah, and the fact it was less…fresh as the week went on. So, I went to the grocery store and bought yogurt in a variety of flavors and have been eating them this week before I go to work.

Yesterday, the cafeteria was shut down by the Health Department for numerous violations.

I’ll take that as a sign from the universe that change is good. What changes are happening in your life right now?