Christmas Eve Checklist

Since we’re now on countdown to what is one of two completely insane days for women each year (Thanksgiving being the other), today’s post is my checklist for the next thirty-six hours.

  • Gifts for friends handled. — Done. Just need to deliver the last two and we’re scheduled to see them tomorrow.
  • Gifts for family. — Just need to pick up gift for father-in-law. Trip to bookstore (not in mall) happens this morning.
  • Arrangements for Christmas Dinner. — Done. We’re meeting the father-in-law and brother-in-law around 1 PM tomorrow at Marie Callendar’s. (How I’m de-stressing: refusing to tie myself to kitchen all day.)
  • Supplies for after the family dinner. — Need to pick up more cider, which will be done at the same time we pick up the father-in-law’s gift because the BevMo is in the same complex as the bookstore. We’ll also be picking up cat food so the kitties have a happy Christmas.
  • Snacks ready for Doctor Who Christmas special. — BBC America is running this year’s show on Christmas Day, so we will be settling in to watch tomorrow evening. This year is bound to be cheerier than last year when we knew a regeneration was coming.
  • Finish blocking shawl — I’ve done the base blocking, but I really need to steam the points out so they’re as nice as possible. Then I need to take pictures.
  • Reading ready tonight. — I’m reading the “Linus Gospel” from Luke at tonight’s Lessons and Carol. My favorite part of Christmas each year is stepping to the lectern and being able to say the words, “Behold. I bring you tidings of great joy.”
  • Words for the day. — Already done and I think I may have given myself a small Christmas present in them. I need to think about it and will know more later.

Not a bad little check list, and with only a few errands to run and the shawl blocking to do, I think I’ve actually reached the point where I can sit back, relax and enjoy. I hope you can do the same today.