Deck the Halls

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Romance Writers Weekly Logo -- A latte with a foam heartAnd no sooner are we done with Thanksgiving than preparations for Christmas are upon us. We’re just slipping out of the turkey coma and it’s time to take in the pumpkins and put up the wreaths. I’ve done both of those (though I need to find a place to put the pumpkins until next fall).

I love my wreath, with its pinecones, little silver balls and white berries. That I found it in the clearance corner of Crate & Barrel before Christmas was even better. Seems they’d had it up as a display or something and had needed to take it down, so it was marked as clearance. (Seriously, if you visit Crate & Barrel, do not skip the clearance corner. I will sometimes stop there for just that purpose.) The wreath hanger was not on clearance, but after that find, I could afford a slight splurge.

So the wreath is up, which leaves us with the tree. For a variety of reasons, the husband and I haven’t put up a tree since we moved into this house six years ago. We had our candle tree with around 36 glass cups for tea lights, but with an elderly father-in-law and two rambunctious young cats, we’ve decided it’s not a good idea at this time. We did, however, several years back, buy a rather snazzy tree-shaped ornament frame that will hold twelve small ornaments — which has sat in its box in a closet since then.

A Christmas Tree-Shaped Ornament Frame with a Hedgehog and Disney OrnamentI pulled it out yesterday, and set it in front of the fireplace in the library. My word for 2020 is “forward” and I’m beginning a bit early as the husband and I make new traditions to replace those lost in family stress and drama. We have two ornaments at the moment, one a Mickey and Minnie the husband bought for me which is too large for this frame and the other a small hedgehog whose string is too long. I can deal with the string and we’ll find somewhere else to display Mickey and Minnie. If I have time, perhaps we’ll string some lights and put some candles in the fireplace (battery-powered). Those may wait until next year, especially if things get frantic. But it’s exciting because we’re making some new traditions just for us.

If you hop on over to visit Jenna Da Sie, she’ll be talking about her decorating traditions. What are yours? Do you go all out or decide it’s too much fuss and hassle? Leave a comment and let me know.

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