Such a pretty -- yet annoying -- border
Such a pretty — yet annoying — border
I have been working on my Evenstar shawl. Been working on it steadily since Thanksgiving weekend with only one brief trip into a side project and last night I realized the end was nigh.

Unfortunately, the end was the end of my yarn, not completing the pattern. I have half a border repeat and the grafting to go and I currently have six inches of unknit yarn. Not quite enough

I bought enough — 1,500 yards of Sanguine Gryphon’s Mithril in Two Ladies Standing back in 2011. And since Sanguine Gryphon is no longer in business — they are now Verdant Gryphon and Celaphod Yarns — I can’t go back to the company to buy another skein. (I have half a border repeat to do. Unless it’s wildly off, color matching is the least of my worries.) Naturally, I hit Ravelry this morning and went stash shopping. Ah, Ravelry, you enabler, you.

There are six stashes aside from mine that have this yarn, all of them listed as “Not for Sale.” Except, one of them had a price + shipping cost, so I’ve sent a message to that person asking if it’s truly up for sale. If it is, I’ll have the yarn I need to finish this and enough for a small shawl (already have a pattern in mind). If it’s not, then I’ll start messaging the other five folks and begging for the small bit I need.

If that doesn’t work, I frog. ::takes deep breath:: As I said, I frog nearly three years of work and decide if I want to try again with this shawl, as I know there are some mistakes along the way and I’ve learned a lot about lace knitting in three years, so I could quite possibly reknit faster and with less yarn. I’m so close, that is a possibility. Or, do I choose another pattern with slightly less yardage requirements which will I ensure I have enough?

I really, really hope that skein is for sale.

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