Goodbye 2010. Hello 2011

Here we are, the last day of the year. There were moments when I didn’t think I’d make it with any scrap of sanity, but it’s the 31st and I’m still typing. Time for a look back and a look forward, for both my writing and personally.


  • Wrote a short story for submission to Big Finish Audio’s Short Trips collection. Unfortunately, it wasn’t accepted.
  • Made it my meetings at LARA much more frequently than I did in 2009. This was definitely good for morale and making me feel inspired at least once a month.
  • Got a promotion at work, which meant more money and being able to leave the administrative assistant portion of what I was doing behind. Didn’t mean the workload got less, but I wasn’t being pulled in two different directions for two different things.
  • Wrote a story for a fannish continuity series — great practice if I ever get invited to participate in one for publication.
  • Stepped in and wrote a second story the series when another writer dropped out. That one let me play with Sherlock Homes (more Brett and Cumberbatch), which is something I’ve always wanted to do. Amazing how that character is powerful enough to dominate every scene he’s in without even trying.
  • Started the blog moving again.
  • Did NaNoWriMo, but didn’t finish for the first time in several years. Am proud of myself for realizing I wasn’t going to make it and wasn’t going to be doing any good or accomplishing anything useful if I kept pushing.
  • After telling myself I’d wait, acquired an iPad in July. Love this little thing beyond all reason and take it everywhere. I’m thinking of acquiring a keyboard for it, but I’m also getting pretty good at typing on screen. Also finally embraced eBooks through the various reader apps. Because of this, I’m reading more. (We’ll ignore the Angry Birds addiction.)
  • At Mother’s Day, realized my mother-in-law had reached a point in her battle with Alzheimer’s that she didn’t recognize me and very likely didn’t recognize my husband. In June, she was having difficulty swallowing. In July, there was a choking incident with her breakfast. In August, she was gone. If I have to point to a event that has had the biggest impact on my life this year, it is this.
  • Started turning my thoughts to being more serious about my writing, and being more focused with my time.

Lots of stress in the past twelve months, a lot of emotional ups and downs. A major life change with my mother-in-law passing, the shockwaves of which we are still dealing with. For over a year before her death, much of our lives revolved around her care and needs and the family dynamic that surrounded it. Now, everything has changed and we’re trying to rebuild.

That’s where I was. Time to look forward to where I hope to be. These are high level goals for the year.


  • Stronger focus on my writing. I’ve already taken some steps with that by signing up for the StoryWonk Discovery class that starts in January. Need to bring an idea to class; I have eight. Need to make a decision on that.
  • Be better on my social media. This isn’t just for the purpose of putting my name out there, but because I need to the connection to a larger circle. This is reclaiming some of what I lost when my focus was dominated by family matters.
  • Re-do the house. Things have gotten a little out of hand with the past year and who I want from the various areas has changed.
  • Get a handle on time management. That’s something that will help in all areas of my life.
  • Buy a new car. Well, new to us. Not what I want to do, but it’s clear that’s going to be a necessity.

I could list things like “complete and submit three books,” but I’m trying to keep this at a high level. If I focus on my writing and work on my time management, then the other things should follow. Oh, there’ll be monthly goals, but that’s the big picture.

So here’s to the sands of 2010 running out and welcome 2011!