SMASH Series 1 Promotional Poster, ©2012 NBC
For the past seventeen days, I’ve been watching the Olympics, mostly on time delay because the sports I enjoy most don’t usually hit prime time. The joy of this that I can fast forward through the commercials, including NBC’s promos for its new fall shows. Naturally, you catch bits and pieces, which means I know I want to try “Go On” with Matthew Perry because it looks interesting, and absolutely want to avoid “The New Normal” because, well, it looks neither smart nor clever. Everything else, I’m on the fence about.

But, I was thrilled last night when NBC finally showed a very brief preview for Smash, which won’t be coming back until after the new year according to the rumors. I know this show was roundly trashed on the critics and by recappers, but just as many of us don’t understand why people could enjoy Fifty Shades of Grey, I adore every over the top, trashy, soapy moment, though I’m hardly blind to the show’s many faults. (If you want some entertaining, snarky recaps, I recommend , especially as they adore Anjelica Huston.)

But it’s coming back and looks like things will be just as over the top in Season 2 as Season 1, complete with someone I didn’t recognize yelling, “You stole my songs!” as he’s being dragged off. Possibly to be devoured by Anjelica Huston’s minions. Sounds like fun to me.