Romance Writer Weekly

“Who does not thank for little will not thank for much.” 

— Author Unknown

Thanksgiving is on Thursday this week here in the US, traditionally a day to overeat, watch too much football, make bets on what family grievances will be aired, and try not to strangle your relatives and/or in-laws. Things will be quite different for most of us this year, decisions made not to gather in large groups or travel to gather with the family. I know such choices have been hard, and they change the landscape of the day.

But no matter how desperate times may seem—and this year may feel among the truly desperate ones—if you dig deep, there are things to be thankful for. It may be a small: a warm, fluffy cat, a book which brings you joy, a moving on television provoking a smile, the taste of a familiar dish bringing back memories of happier times. Big things count, too. A roof over your head. Making it through another month. A hand to hold for better or for worse. Whatever the thing might be, nurture that small flame of warmth in your heart.  

For myself, I’m grateful we are (relatively) healthy here at home and the virus hasn’t touch us directly. I’m grateful I’m at a moment in my life where I’m not scrambling and spend my days doing the thing I’ve wanted to do for so long, tell stories. I’m grateful my husband is with me, along with the cats, Keanu and Gimli. It will be a small gathering, but there’s something to be grateful for in that. Sometimes, it’s nice to stay close to home and not deal with the stress of an elaborate meal and extended families. 

But we find empty places in our circle this year. Our eldest cat, lost to cancer in May. A friend who has no family nearby since his sister passed, and with whom we usually gather at a local restaurant, something not possible at the moment.. Friends who have lost partners and families. For those of you on your own, or struggling with pain and loss, I wish you well. I’ve been there, too, and understand today, and the weeks to come can be among the darkest in the year in more ways than one. Know you have people who care, even if they can’t be with you at the moment.

Wherever you and whatever situation you find yourself in, my best to you and yours today and all the days of through the year. 

Next on our hop is A.S. Fenichel, who’ll share what she’s grateful for this year. Plus, check out Misleading a Duke, currently available in Kindle Unlimited.

Betrothed to a man she has barely met, Lady Faith Landon calls upon her three best friends—the self-proclaimed Wallflowers of West Lane—to help uncover the secrets of her mysterious fiancé. Her suspicions are aroused when she learns that he has recently returned from France. Is he a traitor to his country? The truth is quite the opposite. Nicholas Ellsworth, Duke of Breckenridge, is a secret agent for the English Crown who has just completed a risky mission to infiltrate Napoleon’s spy network.

After his adventures, Nicholas craves the peace and quiet of the country and settling into domestic bliss with his bride. Until he discovers Faith’s deceptive investigation. How can he wed a woman who doesn’t trust him? But a powerful spark has ignited between Nicholas and Faith that could bring about a change of heart. Faith seizes her second chance to prove to Nicholas that they are a true love match but his past catches up with them when three French spies come to exact revenge. Surviving rather than wooing has become the order of the day.

Sounds like a wonderful story to curl up with on a blustery day. Also, do not forget To Lure a Lord, my latest book in the “Just a Touch of Scandal” series, is now available at digital retailers. Augusta Eastleigh needs a husband. Lord Blair MacDonald wants her to stay away from his friend. Their families have another solution, which neither of them like.

Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy.