A Heart to Love

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A Newly-Married Regency Couple

In the rolling hills of the Cotswolds lies the village of Chadham-on-the-Green. The residents are proud of the fact they are listed in the Domesday book, and Good Queen Bess stopped at the local tavern to quench her thirst with a jack of ale while on progress. At least, according to local legend. 

Beatrice Archer is pleased her elder sister Agatha has found love in Christopher Harper, but worries some of his family and friends are less than happy with the match. Even more worrisome is  news which might scuttle the marriage before the vows are said.

Laurence Browning is uncertain his friend is entering into this union with clear eyes or calm head. The girl may be charming, but is she right for the heir to a barony? When he becomes privy to the bride’s secret, Laurence fears he must save Harper from himself.

Beatrice and Laurence both want to avoid a scandal, but their conflicting goals may prove ruin for either or both of them, as well as the attraction between them.

A monthly serial for my subscribers while you wait for my next book. This story is not plotted in advance, so almost anything can happen. I promise a happy ending when we get there, but don’t be surprised if there are a few twists, turns, and detours along the way. Enjoy!

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