How Can I Tell Christmas is Almost Here?

I’m feeling exhausted and half the things I want to get done before Saturday morning aren’t done — and quite possibly aren’t going to get done. I’ve been having fun with my husband’s gifts; he opened one package from Amazon before I got home. Another is probably stuck in a snow drift somewhere in the UK (the dangers of buying internationally at Christmas) and won’t arrive until New Year’s. Today, I had someone in my cube when he called and said he thought a box from Amazon UK which we’ve been waiting on for a month (separate from the gift in the snow drift) had arrived and should he opened it. My squawk of “Don’t open anything!” greatly amused my coworker.

The two packages were still unopened when I arrived home, so they’re safely stashed away. Another should be arriving tomorrow, despite the rain Southern California has been enjoying. With that arrival, my gifts are taken care of and I can breathe a sigh of relief.

We will draw a curtain over the pile of Christmas cards that still sits untouched on the desk…

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