I Appear to Have Lost My Kindle

I haven’t lost it lost it; the Kindle is still sitting on the dining table, ready for the day. No, what’s happened is my husband has taken it over.

I bought the Kindle last November, one of the lucky ones to get the previous generation model Amazon had on deep discount for Black Friday. My thought was to use it as my secondary device, something to keep by my bed while my iPad got carted around on a regular basis and then could get plugged in at night to recharge. I also figured that the husband could use it from time to time during the day and we bought him two books to read on it.

It’s now his Kindle. He is reading it constantly, loves being able to change font sizes and that his place is automatically saved. He wants more book and I’m back to using my iPad as my reader.

This is why digital books are making inroads; it’s eleven at night and we find a book, so can get it downloaded instantly (or the sample to see if it’s something we’re interested in). If you’re feeling tired, the font can be bigger so your eyes don’t have to work so hard. And my husband, who is absolutely not a gadget person, loves it. Technology is easy to sell to those who adore it; when you start selling to people who’s first instinct is not to reach for the gadget, that’s when you’ve definitely hit the broad market.