I got nothin’

I had an idea for this entry at some point Monday morning…

Before I had five managers whining about something not being done prior to 8 AM that I told them last week wouldn’t happen before Tuesday at the earliest.

Before I had to threaten two vendors with grievous bodily harm — or escalating the matter up the chain to their boss — if they didn’t give me the information I’d been promised two weeks ago, oh, NOW.

Before I had to remind a project manager that no, I was no longer an admin and wouldn’t schedule his meeting that required a meeting room for an entire day, a projector, and twenty-eight separate people “just as a favor.” (He asked, “When did you stop being an admin?” My response: “June.”)

Before I found out exactly how badly the plans for a certain event were because some people have to make everything as complicated as possible — and it’s something I’ve been wanting to do.

You know that advice to have a note pad or something with you to write down ideas? This is why you need it. Because the day that started so promisingly can go haywire so quickly once other people get hold of it and your brain turns to mush. The 7:25 AM great idea packs a bag and heads for the Bahamas by ten if it’s not recorded for posterity.

The day was not a total loss. I’m pretty certain what idea I’m using for my workshop this month and I actually got off my sofa and went for a walk after dinner. I even missed part of “Top Gear” to do so.