I Have Screwdriver. I Am All-Powerful.

photo by Alan Levine / cc licensed flickr photo
Our blu-ray player gave up the ghost Monday night. Froze on start-up to the point we had to simply unplug it and, worse, the husband had left one of his discs in the player and now we couldn’t get it out. Naturally, this was a terribly frustrating situation because a new player isn’t in the budget right now. Plus, the husband was somewhat grumpy that his copy of Bride and Prejudice was possibly lost.

Figuring that no matter what, I needed to get the disc out, I fired up Google, read up on the suggested ways to extract a stuck disc (gentle and non-gentle methods), unhooked the machine from everything and settled down with my trusty screwdriver. As you might be able to tell, I am the technical one in our household. Cover was carefully removed, and I discovered there didn’t seem to be a release switch as there often are with DVD players. I also discovered this fancy-schmancy players consists of the drive, two circuit boards and a cord inside the case, which is explains why it weighs so little.

Further search on Google, a few deep breaths and I ended up having to loosen the top of the drive just enough so I could slide the disc out. Disc retrieved, I screwed everything back down, got the cover back on, plugged it back in — and it worked! My budget is feeling much better at the moment.

I am woman with tools. Hear me roar. And, yeah, the husband’s been informed he can’t leave discs in the machine any more.

What exciting projects do you have planned for the weekend?