I Moved From Texas to Get Away From This

The weather is cooling down at last here in Southern California, though I’d be surprised if we didn’t have one more round of high temperatures and hot winds off the desert. One thing that is unusual is the high humidity we’ve been experiencing for the past month. It’s not unusual for the humidity levels to be in the 50 percent plus range with occasional grey clouds but never any real rain.

I remember summers like this — long Texas days that baked and broiled you with the humidity all at the same time. When I moved to California, you can imagine my joy when I discovered the heat was actually dry. It was still appalling, but it was dry. Now I get to listen to my co-workers complain about the humidity, something most of them aren’t used to.

There are some compensations though and I caught one of them on film the last week. I was taking out the trash when I happened to look up and saw this:

No, we didn’t get rain and the humidity was thick enough to feel the air as you moved through it, but for one beautiful moment, it was all worth it.