It’s Here

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A box, which contains my new desk.Yes, I know it looks like just a box. But that box contains my new desk for my new office space. It arrived yesterday afternoon, just as I was about to start fixing lunch. The guys from Amazon very helpfully carried into the room where it’ll be living, scanned the tag and were on their way.

I wanted to dig in immediately, but there was a good deal of cleaning and clearing that still needed to be done, so I focused on that and gave myself a dust headache after two hours. Today, though, assembly will happen. Also, my new desk lamp, additional USB hub, and power strip will not arrive until later today, so there will not be any migration of tech until that happens. Except for the printer. I can move that as soon as the desk is assembled. And I figure out which of the two shelves that cats will prefer (the printer will go on the other).

But it is here, which means I shall soon have that thing which every writer craves: a room of their own that’s out of the main flow of traffic where I can work without being interrupted just because someone walked into the kitchen. Also means I can clean everything off the kitchen table as well, as all my brush pens, etc., will be moving to my new space as well.

So I am very happy. Mu-Mu? She is not impressed, but was willing to show me where on the carpet the desk is supposed to go.


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