Keep Calm

Yesterday, I complained about Christmas stress. That evening, as I was leaving the office, the husband called to say he was running late on an errand, so I needed to meet him at the Barnes & Noble across the street from my office. Not happy since I wanted to head home and relax after a somewhat stressful day. Then the bookstore was crowded, last minute Christmas shopping moving into full swing. Not the best scenario for some (hopefully) relaxing browsing.

Then, lurking by the journals, I spotted the following:

Okay, I’m not having a cupcake, but I do like the sentiment. Time to stop stressing and enjoy the holiday. I remembered this when the husband did arrive and immediately spotted a copy of The Brilliant Book of Doctor Who on the shelf. Enthusiastically flipping through it, he was “We should get this. It’s the last one; let’s grab it.” Since I have a wrapped copy sitting at home for him to open on Saturday, I had to tie myself into knots trying to come up with reasons why we shouldn’t. Filling the gas tank worked, so the secret is still safe.

And I had some of the homemade Almond Roca a co-worker gave me when I got home. It was calming, but I think I’ll be glad when the fuss is done.