Leave Yourself Open to the Possibilities

A couple of weeks ago, the husband and I made a decision that altered a couple of things, causing me to change some plans I’d been making for a vacation next year. It wasn’t an enthusiastic decision, but a necessary one. No nothing traumatic, but it has to do with a major purchase.

Yesterday, out of the blue, we were offered a chance to make that purchase in a way that is a) relatively painless for us and b) will give us something much better than what we were looking for. It’s not a done deal yet, and we have do some thinking before we go down this path, because it will be a change in how we handle some areas of our life. But it was a good feeling, the mere opportunity an unlooked for blessing.

If you leave yourself open to the possibilities, it’s amazing what can happen around you. Oh, and if we do get this, I will definitely have pictures when it arrives.