Monday? Already?

IMG_0582 Well, that weekend went fast.

I had a long list of goals that I hoped to accomplish over the past two days. I think I got through maybe four, one of which is visible to your left. Aside from buying a new wreath and getting it on the door, I kept up with the rows I had to do for the Advent Shawl, finished the left sleeve on a cardigan I’m knitting and started the right sleeve, and managed to post on the Plan With Me Challenge on Instagram, which I found via Kara aka Boho Berry. I didn’t get the lights up outside, or hang the framed pictures for the front hall or sorted the other art we have like I had hoped.

I did do my usual writing session at Starbucks Saturday and did some revisions on a non-NaNo project, so that was moving forward, but most of the weekend, I just…rested. I read, watched some videos, knit (which I find relaxing whether it’s on my goals or not), and curled up with the cats. The cats enjoyed it. It helped because I’d been burning the candles at both ends during November and I seriously needed the down time, which is likely the last I’m going to get until New Year’s. Work is about to go into high gear for the end of the year, there’s revisions that need doing and and I need to start lining up goals and other things for 2016. (It’s going to be a new year in less than four weeks; that’s kind of scary.)

A lot of folks recommend using Sunday evening for weekly goal setting. I don’t know about you, but on Sunday evening, I’m usually still in denial that I have to go into the office the next morning — or I’m frantically doing laundry. Monday morning, I haul myself out of bed and go walking while the world is still quiet. I’m half-awake when I start, so the mind just floats, which means it’s a great time to work through story problems or figure out what I need to do for the days ahead. Never mind I often seem to be working in a “Man Plans, God laughs,” situation; for that time, I can see the world laid out before me and, hopefully, I’ll manage to get a some things done in the coming week.

So what are you trying to accomplish over the next five days? (No, hiding under the covers is not an option. I know, I checked.)