Monday Morning Bits and Pieces

I always try to do goals on Monday mornings, get a handle on where I’m going for the week. Of late, my efforts have been…less than successful, so I’m going to try a slightly different approach and focus on three goals this week:

1) Decide what my NaNoWriMo project is and at least map beginning, middle, crisis and resolution. I’ve got several projects all going, “Ooh, shiny!” We’re a week out; time to make a decision and stick with it. The fun aspect of not being published or having a book under contract is you can write what you want, even if that means bouncing between projects and genres. The bad: easy to get distracted and not focus on any one thing.

2) Get the yarn that’s in bags sorted into containers. I ran out of bins for my current stash and had to buy some more yesterday. Plus, there’s more arriving today, the result of a much-needed application of retail therapy. (Remember, yarn does not go to your hips and stay there, nor give you cavities.) When I was one freezer bag over capacity, that was one thing. I’m now about six. Time to get the newer stuff into proper storage and maybe resort things as I’m now starting to get enough that I might want to sort into weights.

3) Finish one small story project that I’m racing to deadline on. I love the piece I’m doing and the end is so close I can almost taste it. Plus, it’s got to be off the decks so I can get started on NaNo prep.

Two television notes: If you did not catch the premiere of Sherlock last night on Masterpiece Theatre, carve out an hour and fifteen minutes and get thee to the website where you can watch the premiere episode online. It’s a modern updating of Holmes and Watson, putting them rather firmly down in London of the 21st century and it’s brilliantly engaging. The creators are Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, who have stripped away many of the artifacts we recognize as being “Holmes”, yet kept the central core of the characters so they really could not be anyone else. This was monster hit on the BBC this summer and Moffat can be a happy man: he’s also the current show runner on Doctor Who and enjoyed great success with that (even if he did cruelly murder a poor, innocent fez in the process).

The second came my way via Tom and Lorenzo of Project Rungay. Apparently, HBO is doing a five-part mini-series of James M. Cain’s Mildred Pierce, staring Kate Winslett. I’m a big fan of the classic Warner Bros. movie starring Joan Crawford and her shoulder pads, but the book is considerably different from the film for several reasons, the restrictions of the Hays Code being a big one. With five hours and those restrictions removed, this looks to be a new retelling of the story, especially as Veda’s original storyline has been restored. The trailer certainly looks lush, but I’m a sucker for these sorts of things.