NaNo Inspiration: November 15

“My notes are written in blood on the sand, the same as any writer.” — J. Michael Strackzynski

Y’know, there are moments when the quote just kinda says it all. Welcome to week three of NaNoWriMo, halfway through and the moment when we start wondering, “What was I thinking?” Maybe it’s, “What was I thinking signing up for this insane thing?” For me, it’s “What was I thinking with this story?” I’ve got a strong opening (in my opinion), but now I starting to wonder at some characters’ motivations. Why are they doing what they’re doing? Much of the writing is light, but there’s a very serious thread underlying the story, I’ve realized, a commentary on the double standard and the lack of power women often had in the Regency era. After being put in a bad position by one man, a woman finds herself with a choice of scandal or marriage to another — which means she further gives up what little independence she had. But there’s also family duty to consider.

Did I mention this is a romantic comedy? :rolls eyes:

This tells me some of what I need to do this week: try to find that balance — or at least drive myself closer to it. I suspect there will be more whining as the days go by. Or knitting. I really want to get that Aeolian shawl finished before Thanksgiving. (At least when I procrastinate with that, I have something to show at the end.)