NaNo Inspiration: November 24

Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans — John Lennon

You might have noticed (for the few of you that are reading and aren’t spammers), that the meter’s clicked up again. Didn’t do as well last night as I’d hoped — and it looks like tonight’s not going to be a winner, either. A friend has a crisis and needs some emotional support. Since this is the friend who dropped everything thing when life went to helll last August and was there to help us, naturally we’re making room for him. However….

The husband also didn’t do something he was supposed to, which means I can either a) let him hang and deal with the consequences or b) toss my plans and help him pick up the pieces. At the moment, A is feeling like an awfully attractive option for me, but doing so will probably cause massive resentment later and a fight, and that decision will impact other people as well. If I go for Option B, it will cause massive resentment from me now because he shouldn’t have let it come to this point, and I don’t like having to step in like this, but only one person is impacted: me.

I hate being responsible sometimes. if I weren’t responsible, I’d blow raspberries and tell him it’s a life lesson. As it is, there is going to be a serious — and possibly angry — discussion about this. I have a feeling, though, it may be time to call time on this year’s NaNo if for no other reason than I’m not actually helping myself by continuing to bang my head against the wall trying to make that 50K by Tuesday night.