NaNo Inspiration: November 8

“You have to accept whatever comes and the only important thing is that you meet it with the best you have to give.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

It’s my birthday today. A big one, too — which is why I’ve given myself permission to go skeeving off from the work and run away to Disneyland. Oh, writing is going to get done today, just not much. Today is for celebrating, for spending time with my husband and a friend, reveling in the fact that good times and bum times, I’m still here.

Yes, somewhere along the lines, Stephen Sondheim’s ode to survival became my theme song. Maybe it’s because I realized at some point I could either cry in my beer or I could take what life was dishing out and do the best I could with it. We can’t change what is thrown at us by others and outside circumstances. What we can govern is how we react. I’ve left dreams behind along the way, sometimes through changes, sometimes because I’ve let them go. I’ve rediscovered some and there are a few that have remained constant. But when I think how much I’ve seen, I find myself grinning and thinking about how much more there is yet to see and all the stories I still want to tell. To again quote from Sondheim:

I’ve run the gamut, A to Z
Three cheers and, damn it, c’est la vie!
I got through all of last year.
Lord knows, at least I was there,
And I’m here. I’m still here.

For everyone who’s out there trying to hold on to their dreams through the good times and bad, I lift my glass to you.