NaNo Progress, Day 2

Despite having my writing time severely cut down by a number of things today — getting out to vote, work sucking up a large part of my lunch, dinner out taking much longer than intended, a newsletter I was committed to posting elsewhere on-line — I still managed to get my words in under the wire for the day and am currently about 500 words ahead of where I need to be. This is a good thing because I have a big distraction coming up this weekend: Disneyland. An on-line buddy is in from out of town, so my husband and I are doing an over-nighter in Anaheim so the three of us can hang out and go to the park Sunday and Monday. Yes, I’m expecting to get a tremendous amount of writing done. :rolls eyes:

But that’s part of this journey, too. We might make writing the focus for the month, but life doesn’t stop. There are things we have to do that will cut into our time. Part of the secret is in learning to recognize those early where possible and do your bet to minimize the impact. (This is very much a case of practicing what I say and not what I do; I’m still struggling with that myself.)