Packed Away for Another Year

Romance Writer Weekly Hard to believe we’re almost halfway through January, two weeks into the New Year. But the decorations have been packed away for another year, the front door wreath hanging on the inside on the hall closet. I can see one stray blue ball that escaped and needs to be put away, but other than that, the holidays are well and truly done. Welcome, 2020.

The holidays were good for us, though there was a bit of a moment when we were about to leave for Christmas Eve services and opened the door to discover one of my husband’s gaming group had not bothered to listen to the voice mail telling him gaming was off that night because, well, services. A week later, he and the rest of the group were there and we gathered at 9PM Pacific Time to watch the ball drop live in Times Square. My father-in-law can’t make it to midnight these days, and the guys actually wanted to get home before too many drunken idiots were on the streets, so the party broke up about 10:30PM. I ended up greeting the new year, finishing the book I was reading. Great way to start.

So now we’re looking ahead. I’m back at my desk, drafting the next book in the “Just a Touch of Scandal” series. The calendar is filled with notation of bills to pay, doctor appointments, vet appointments, all the minutae of what the Episcopal Church terms “Ordinary Time.” I quite like the term because it describes our day to day work, the things we do which keeps the lights on and the food on the table.

But even in Ordinary Time, there can be extraordinary things. I’m at my own desk, not the corporate one I occupied a year ago.  2020 promises to be both exciting and interesting. Even so, I look at the small stray blue ornament, and can’t help feeling a bit sad the holidays are over.  Then I remember we have eight months until September, when the stores will start putting out the first of their holiday merchandise.

What do you miss now that the big winter holidays are done? Are you waiting for the Lunar New Year on January 25? Or are you glad to see the back of things and think stores start hawking Santa and his reindeer far too early? Let me know in the comments, then hop on over AJ Anderson’s blog and see how her new year is doing.

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