Red Sky at Morning

Early Morning December 9Sooo… remember how on Monday I said hiding under the bed wasn’t an option? Yeah, I’d like to revise that.

  • The cuff I finished on the cardigan? Didn’t switch to the smaller needles, so had to rip it out and am reknitting it.
  • My Advent Shawl that’s been going so nicely? Cable broke on my circular needles last night, and I lost both Day 8 and Day 7, so those have to be re-knit.
  • And the row I’m trying to start from has the incorrect stitch count so I have to figure out what’s going on there.
  • My father-in-law is going in for a surgical intake meeting today about the pacemaker his doctor wants him to get — which he might be getting before Christmas.
  • There’s more — a lot more — I could whine about here, but I won’t because it’s not attractive. It’s been a fun and interesting few days, so much so that I nearly did pull the cover over my head this morning, mumbling to myself that I’d walk later, knowing I probably wouldn’t because we’ll be dealing with other things this evening. So, I grumbled, got up, got out later than I wanted because somehow I’d managed to put my walking things in a different place from where they usually are, but I went. I did my walk, and was rewarded with the realization that I’d made seven days in a row and got to enjoy a gorgeous sunrise. For that moment at least, I could forget the list of complaints and felt a little better about facing the day.

    We’re not going to talk about how late another area at work is in getting information to me I desperately need. That’s something to face after I get off the computer. But at least I know there was a moment today when the world was quiet and good.