Review: Money, Honey by Susan Sey

"Money, Honey" by Susan SeyI bought this book based on a review over Dear Author, right at the moment when I deciding that I wanted to try doing some reading on the Kindle App on my iPad. Didn’t actually get to it until recently, but I stopped counting my TBR pile some time ago.

The short version: enjoyed it and will definitely be buying “Money Shot” when it’s released next June.

The longer version: Very entertaining suspense. FBI Agent Liz Brynn reluctantly has to work with informant Patrick O’Connor on cracking a counterfeiting case that involves the restaurant and casino run by Patrick’s sister and brother-in-law. Complicating matters is not just Patrick’s old partner in crime who’s out for revenge, but Liz’s feelings for him.

The attraction is really what drives the story forward, but I didn’t mind at all because the characters were so engaging. Not just Liz and Patrick, but the supporting cast as well — yet at no time did I get the sense of “Look! I’m setting up characters who can spin off into their own book!” At the end of the book, there were folks I wanted to see in a sequel, but they were definitely here to serve the story. (The villain is not one of them; Villanueva is a genuinely nasty piece of work with no redeeming qualities to soften his edges.)

The pacing is swift, and the moment when Liz and Patrick — finally! — come together combustible. They fall into bed at the right place in the story, too, where the stakes are high and an emotional attachment only adds to the problems, not solve them. The aftermath is believable and fits with the characters. It also sets up very nicely for the book’s last scene in how they finally start moving past their personal baggage to move forward together. There were call backs there which had me smiling, something I’d done frequently while reading.

If I have one quibble, it’s about the back story for Liz. The revelation was teased too long for me and by the time it arrived, I was actually a bit annoyed. As such, I ended up with a bit of an eye roll at the secret in Liz’s past, which didn’t tie into the rest of the story as well as I would have like. Despite that quibble, I had a great time reading this.

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