Simple Pleasures

The temperature is definitely dropping, even here in Southern California. We may joke about braving the sixty-degree winters, but Los Angeles does sit on the edge of a desert and the temperature drop at night can sometimes be quite severe.

This means we curl up under the throws and turn on the heater when we can’t stand it any more — and the cats love it. As far as Mu-Mu is concerned, this is the perfect weather to snuggle up.


She is a snuggle cat, at least when the weather is cool. When it’s hot, she prefers to sprawl on the floor to catch a breeze and attempts to look wan. Not surprisingly, such attempts look more like she’s waiting for the cabana boy to peel her a grape. But for now, she cuddles up in the evening and insists she loves me, especially when I can share the plush throw with her. It’s a wonderful feeling and all is right with the world — until the moment she decides she simply must drape herself on the keyboard.

And, yes, those are black paw pads with white paws. Given that except for the spot of pink on her nose, she is black and white, I refer to her as my little Aubrey Beardsley line drawing; after all, most of his cats were plump were well-satisfied with themselves.