Staring Down the NaNo Tunnel

imageI wrote 2,133 words this morning.

Let me clarify. I wrote 2,133 words between 5:30 and 7:15 AM. That is…a lot of words.

At this moment, I have 2,298 words to go, four days left, and pretty much just the climax to sketch out before I have something that I want to let sit for a week at least and then re-arrange because my story changed between when I started and now. But I’m almost there and when it’s done, I’ll have the skeleton for a holiday novel that I’ll be releasing next October. That feels good, and, what’s more, it feels like progress.

To all my fellow scriveners who are struggling in these last days, I feel for you. NaNoWriMo is never an easy row to hoe, but win or lose, ther almost always seems something to gain.