Sunday Roundup

100 words a day/100 days: Eighteen for eighteen. I’m not producing anything of significance at the moment, but the feel of sitting down at a keyboard and banging words out is coming back. Before all the distractions started, this was a very natural thing for me and it’s a good feeling to recapture. It also means that when I do actually get into working on the idea that I’m going to do for Storywonk, the writing muscles will be feeling much more in shape.

Knitting: Have started the sleeves for the Diagonal Jacket, so I may actually be into putting that together by the end of the year. Then I get to start on my vest that I have some lovely Malabrigio Rios waiting for. Might take a short pause form the jacket and work on a couple of small projects today.

Books: Finished Kissing Santa Claus, a Christmas-themed anthology, and am over half-way through Wolf Hall. That makes four books for the month finished, so I’m reading more than one a week. I’m very grateful of my electronic devices; they’ve helped immensely with this.

Social Media: I know, I know. Everyone says writers are supposed to put themselves out there on Twitter and Facebook. I have the accounts — and have decided that I’m not going to deal with it until the New Year and make a fresh start. Right now, it’s took crazed and I’m slowly bringing things back into my life so they all have space and nothing gets crowded out.

# # #

Disneyland was absolutely gorgeous on Monday, but next time we go in December, we’ll avoid going on the very last day all of the annual passes are active. There was quite a crowd, more like the summer, because it was the last day the lowest level of the annual passes (available specifically for folks who live in Southern California) would be active for the year. We have a slightly higher level, so a day or two after would see the park much emptier. Still, it was very pretty, especially Sleeping Beauty’s castle.

The day was surprisingly warm, which probably also accounted for the locals coming out. Very strange to drive into the parking lot at Disneyland and see nothing but California plates for rows and rows and rows.

# # #

Funniest moment at Disneyland: two dads with strollers talking to one another as they walked along and one says to the other, “Did you see Sherlock on PBS? Man, it’s incredible! You’ve got to get the DVD. They’ve updated Sherlock Holmes and it’s good.” I should do a post on Sherlock at some point, because if you haven’t seen it, you really should.

# # #

While Monday was sunny and warm, the weekend is cold and wet. Mu-Mu has the right idea.

For me, I’ve got to get ready for church, so I’m off. Have a good Sunday.