Take Time Out for Yourself

Winner-2014-Twitter-ProfileI’m done with NaNoWrimo for this year. I hit my 50K on Thursday morning, and then managed to finish up the book’s current last scene later in the day for a total of 50,863. In between that, I read the lessons at my church’s Thanksgiving services, had Thanksgiving dinner with friends, arranged for Thanksgiving with my in-laws later in the weekend, and cleaned the cat box. And I had a light day compared to some folk I know. (Our vicar said he had 32 coming for Thanksgiving.)

Still, it’s been a long month, with my word count averaging 1,883 words a day, the corporate job ramping up as we approach the end of the year, and some minor family drama. Frankly, I’m a bit tired. There’s a part of me that says, “I have three more days of weekend! I should write more!” And it is tempting, but, again, feeling tired. And that’s why I decided to take time out for myself for today, at least – and as much of the rest of weekend as I can manage.

After the Effort, the Crash

Earlier this week, Lani Diane Rich talked about ‘the desolation and wreckage left behind by a November spent writing.’ Or, as many of my fellow writers would say, “Tuesday.” She’s got some good points. The focus and pressure writers place on themselves when trying to get a project done, be it NaNo or any other time of the year can be very draining. Add in the fact the world keeps turning and we have all the usual demands on our time that don’t go away, and it’s little wonder that when you validate that novel – or realize you’re never going to make it and chalk this year up as a “loss” – there’s a feeling of being exhausted. Oh, and Christmas is just around the corner. Joy.

Be Good to Yourself; Take Time to Relax

Take time to knit
Working on the border
Yes, I could write today. Or I could take time, lie on the couch, binge-watch Gilmore Girls (which kinda relates to the book), and knit on my Evenstar Shawl that is in its third year and very nearly done. I know what sounds more enticing, and given the craziness the day job is going to be in December, a day to just relax is a gift. Sure, there are things I could be doing, but when I get up Saturday morning, I’m going to feel much more refreshed than if I wrote another 1,800 words, braved the crowds for Black Friday, or any of a myriad of other things demanding my attention. Don’t worry, they’ll be waiting for me.

So what are you going to take time for today?