TCM Remembers 2014

I wouldn’t necessarily call it a “highlight” but one item I treasure each year is the annual TCM Remembers video. We know the big names, but there is always a number of those whose faces we recognize, even if we don’t know the name, as well as the writers, directors, cinematographers, and others who help provide the canvas for the actors to perform on. This year, sadly, there’s also a passing that touches the TCM family: Frank Mankiewicz, son of Herman Mankiewicz (Citizen Kane) and father of TCM host Ben Mankiewicz.

There are a lot of tributes around this time of year to those we’ve lost, but TCM is always one of the best, not just a list of names and faces, but a celebration of the work they have left behind that continues to touch viewers. This year’s video is was produced by Andrew Alonso, edited by Scott Lansing, and filmed at the Swan House at the Atlanta History Center. Music by Kodaline – “All I Want”