That Was Surprisingly Nice

My internet was out last night, along with the internet of a good part of Southern California. After beating my head against the wall and finally managing to get an answer via my iPad, which is a 3G model, I settled down for a quiet evening without instant communication with the outside world.

Maybe I should do this more often. I watched some DVDs, knit on my Diagonal Jacket (I’m almost to the point where I’ll be dividing for the sleeves — woot!), and played a little on Scrivener with moving some plot elements around on one of my projects. Asked a “why” and the answer I got is going to have a major impact on where certain things are going. That impact changes a number of plot elements and told me exactly why this project derailed itself the first time I tried to write it. But I also think the answer makes things more interesting and removes the risk of my heroine wandering into “too stupid to live” territory. (Any time you re-read something you’ve written and start thinking “Why doesn’t she just say something?” you’ve got some trouble.)

But it was nice without the noise, without the notices of incoming mail or new posts on my Live Journal while I was writing. In fact, when the internet did come back, I stopped my Google notifications which came up every time I got new mail. One distraction gone. This weekend, I’m probably going to be looking at my other notifications, see if I really need them popping up all the time. Yes, I want to be able to handle things in a timely manner, but do I really need instant notification while I’m at home?

Now, off to set up the work laptop since I’m working from home today — and you’d better believe I’m happy the internet is back up because I did not feel like sitting in the office today.