The Joy of Tech

iPadAccording to USA Today digital books outsold print the week after Christmas, the first time this has happened. Now, that surge is likely because people were going nuts with their new Kindles, Nooks, iPads, etc., but it’s not going to be the last.

Ten years ago, I had no interest in eBooks; ereaders were not common place and most of the reading was done on the computer; not the experience I wanted if I was going to curl up with a book. Now, though, I’m finding digital is the way I want to go in most cases. I have both an iPad and a Kindle, with one on my bedside table and the other with me almost everywhere I go. If I’m out, I open my Kindle App, and the book syncs automatically to my last location (my iPad is the 3G model). It’s a wonderful thing and I now wonder how I managed without it.

There are still growing pains; not every book is suitable to the ebook format, especially books with a great deal of graphics or special layouts, and not every book is available in digital format. For instance, the Daphne du Maurier classic, Rebecca is not available as an eBook. And, to be honest, if I log onto Amazon or B&N and discover the paperback is less expensive than the ebook, I get the paperback. I still enjoy the feel of a good book in my hand and I don’t think the electronic formats will be replacing art books any time soon, but at when you’re stuck in line somewhere, I love having that electronic copy available.

And, yeah, I’ve been wittering on somewhat generally this week. I think it’s because while I have some ideas in my head, I’m not working on anything in specific, waiting for the Discovery class to begin on the 16th. I think I may need to write something, anything, just to keep myself from going crazy.