This is Halloween

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Halloween has long been one of my favorite moments of the year. I mean, this is Peak Fall. You’ve got sweater weather, falling leaves, crisp evenings, warm drinks, and the excitement of a holiday which promises goodies without all the stress and fuss of Thanksgiving. Even if it’s still warm during the day here in Southern California, evening temperatures have begun to drop, giving that fall feeling.

We’ll have Trick or Treaters Thursday evening, with the littlest ones arriving just after dark, and continuing in a steady stream for about two hours. My husband will have a classic horror film playing on the television, one we’ve seen often enough that we’re not missing anything by having to get up frequently to answer the door. When we turn off the light (when we start getting the teenagers making only the barest attempt at a costume), we’ll settle down and see how much candy is left. Because, of course, there will be at least a little. (We will not speak of the “extra” bag that was bought. That will be consumed beginning Friday, when I start buckling down to NaNoWriMo. Don’t judge me, I won’t judge you.)

Every so often, I think we should dress up, make more of an effort — spooky noise, special lights, answer the door cackling, or at least in a Hogwarts robe with a wand. But schedules are hectic enough to not add that to the plate and there’s an elder care issue involved if we change lighting, add interior decorations, etc. Besides, seeing the fun on the kids’ faces as they hold up their bags and I admire their costumes is enough. And there’s the smile on the parents’ faces as you proclaim some of the smallest adorable and cute. Memories are made, and those are the important thing.

To tell the truth, I haven’t dressed up for Halloween in years. My husband and I don’t have children, so the rituals are for ourselves. When we moved into this house six years ago, it became handing out candy because we have Trick or Treaters coming to the door. We hadn’t had that in our previous house, enough so that we were almost caught short the first year and ended up with just a couple of mini candy bars when the evening was done. It’s an evening to curl up and snuggle with my husband and the cats.

One thing we have done some years is trek downtown to Disney Hall. Each year, they run a silent move with live organ accompaniment — and Disney Hall has a truly amazing organ. When we saw Phantom of the Opera, chills ran up and down my spine at the moment Christine pulls the mask from the Phantom’s face to reveal Lon Chaney in all his ghoulish glory. It wasn’t just the fright; Disney Hall has a 6,134-pipe world-class organ. When the organist gets the pipes going, you can literally feel the base notes. If you’re interested, here’s a short video on the organ.

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Hmm. Maybe we’ll put on a silent horror film and crank up the sound bar.

What are your plans for Thursday evening? Trick or Treating with little ones? Handing out candy? Dressing up and partying? Let me know in the comments. Also, hop on over to visit Jenna Da Sie to see what her Halloween will look like. 

Also, since it wouldn’t be Halloween without a treat, A.S. Fenchiel has a free novella set in her Everton Domestic Society series. If you haven’t tried her work, grab a copy and settle down with those last few mini bars after the little ghouls and goblins have gone to bed.


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