To Lure a Lord

Book 2 in the Just a Touch of Scandal Series

To Lure a Lord Teaser Cover

Augusta Eastleigh’s mother wants her to marry the Earl of Chalton.

Lord Blair MacDonald wants to keep the notorious Lady Eastleigh’s daughter away from his friend.

No one expects them to fall in love. Certainly not them.

Augusta Eastleigh knows she must find a husband before the end of the season, or one will be chosen for her. Haunted by whispers surrounding her birth, she hopes the Earl of Chalton will make an offer. He’s handsome, moneyed, meets all her mother’s requirements, and a friendship has developed between them which se feels would make a good basis for a companionable marriage.

Lord Blair MacDonald was surprised to return to London from Spain to find his friend Chalton courting a woman of dubious parentage. Especially since he knows Chalton still carries the torch for a woman his father prevented him from marrying. Desperate to find a distraction from his older brother’s illness, Blair decides to mount a rescue mention. That is, until his father reveals a match has been proposed between Blair and Augusta to settle concerns on both sides.

She knows he doesn’t want her and he believes her to be after titles and position. But if it will make her grandfather, who holds the family purse strings, happy and keeps her away from Chalton, Blair and Augusta are willing to give it a try. Not that the road will be smooth …

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