When You’re Weary…

Romance Writer Weekly

The question for this week’s Romance Writers Weekly is “When you’re feeling down, what do you do to feel better?”

Those of you who’ve been around a while will recognize the source of this week’s title. No, I don’t want to think about how young I was when it first hit the radio. That will definitely get me down.

It’s been hard not to feel down these last few months. A lot of us are going through stress and uncertainty for a wide variety of reasons that are both personal and have a connection to the events of the wider world. We feel tired, put upon, and ready to just crawl back under the blanket fort, not emerging until next January.

We also don’t have that luxury because there are things to do and bills to be paid. Yes, the fun part of adulting. So, how to get yourself out of a funk? Here are things I do.

Hug/pet the cats. Fortunately, our current set of kitties like to snuggle up and be adored. They don’t like being picked up, so cuddling isn’t an option, but they are willing to sit next to me and be adored.

Read a favorite book. There’s a reason we keep certain books on our shelves, and turn to them when we need comfort. When things get really rough, I’ll retreat to my copy of the box set of Winnie the Pooh and A.A. Milne’s poems my parents gave me when I was six.

Cast on All the Things. As a knitter, there’s nothing I love more than casting on a new project because it grows so quicky in those early stages. If I’m feeling down, I have a tendency to reach for the needles and start knitting something new. Problem is, the next evening, I might pick up the needles and start something else new. Every so often, I have a great frogging session to reclaim needles and yarn for projects that have languished. That can be therapeutic as well. And, of course, I simply must have the television on when I knit.

Write. When I really feel the need to retreat from the world, I sit down at the keyboard and let the fingers wander where they may. These are often stories told just for myself, but telling those tales and letting the worlds in my head go from chaos to order helps. There are some crazy pieces of fan fic which live on my hard drive that will never see the light of day for anyone else. But they make me feel better and that’s the important thing.

So that’s four things I do to help me feel better when the world is hard to bear. They aren’t designed to “fix” anything, but give me a chance to catch my breath and regain some strength to move forward.

What about you? What do you do to help “the downs?” Tell me in the comments, then visit Claire Brett to see what she does. Until next time, stay safe, stay healthy.