“…If (s)he be worthy, shall possess the power of THOR!”

We’re just past San Diego Comic Con and the flurry of internet churning about Marvel Comic’s plans to pass Thor’s hammer off to a woman in an upcoming storyline hasn’t completely died down. No, no worries that Chris Hemsworth won’t be wielding Mjolnir when Avengers: Age of Ultron premieres next year; the Marvel Comics Universe and the Marvel Cinematic Universe don’t march hand in hand. They never have, with the movies picking and choosing bits of origins and changing others that don’t fit. Just in Thor, for example, our eponymous hero has never had the human avatar of Donald Blake and Loki’s story spins off from discovering he is both adopted and a Frost Giant, two facts he has always known in the comics.

So, if the movies can go do their own thing, why not give the power of Thor to a woman who is deemed worthy, while Thor continues his hacking and slashing ways with his axe, Jarnbjorn?*

*Jarnbjorn apparently means “Iron Bear,” while Mjolnir often translates as “Thing Which Smashes”. Many of these names do come from the Eddas, including Loki’s blade Laevateinn, which apparently translates to “Damage Twig.”