Yes, It’s Fun

Romance Writer Weekly

This week, the question is “What is your favorite thing about being a writer and why?”

The answer is easy. Telling the story, seeing the worlds and people inside my head come to life on the page, if only for myself. A number of pieces live only on my hard drive or in the cloud which will never end up before an audience. Much of the collection is fan fic, some unfinished, some old. Some is the result of trying new craft techniques. Not all of those are successful.

I love writing these tales, seeing the word count tick up, knowing I’m creating something which didn’t exist in the world before. I grow fond of my characters, because they live inside me and I want to present them in the best light. Which may be one of my problems with revisions, but we’re not going to talk about the downsides here.

When the story works, the words sing, my fingers dancing over the keys. The characters laugh, love, cry, and my muse pauses scarfing down chili cheese dogs to give me the thumbs up. I don’t hate her for those. When she decides to take a vacation at the moment I need her most, that’s another story.

Once everything is done, after dragging myself metaphorically across jagged glass to make it ready for publication, I find a tremendous sense of accomplishment when I begin to upload files to the vendors.

My husband is supportive of my efforts, but there are naysayers in my life, those who sniffed writing was nothing more than a pipe dream. I should devote myself instead to [insert role they chose for me]. With books in the world, they ask if I’ve “gotten this out of my system,” but the grumbling has dropped to mutters where they think I can’t hear.

Accomplishing your dreams can be the best revenge.

Cover of Love in the Mix with contributions from A.S. FenichelThose stories being in the world leads me to my third favorite thing about being a writer: discovering they touch people in some way. The best reaction comes from back in my fan fic days, when I posted the latest installment in a series to a group. In response to a cliff hanger, a member said, “I want to reach through my screen and strangle you. Love this. When’s the next one?”

That, my friends, is worth all the effort.

Next up is A.S. Fenichel talking about her favorite thing in being a writer. Don’t forget to check out Love in the Mix, a cookbook created to share two gifts: food and reading. Both A.S. Fenichel and Leslie Hachtel contributed recipes to this collection created to help raise money for Pro Literacy, a foundation dedicated to helping increase adult literacy. We love to read; let’s help others learn.

Until we meet again, stay safe, stay healthy.